How Would You Like To
Get More Back From
Your Marketing?

You would? Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to the Web Site that's all about Results-Driven Direct Marketing for Entrepreneurial Businesses.

My name is David Garfinkel. My company, Overnight Marketing, helps businesses get more sales back from the advertising they do.

We've been helping businesses improve their sales and profitability since 1985.

If you would like to…

Expand your markets

Generate new, hot, qualified sales leads

Sell more efficiently

Get repeat business from existing customers

Shorten the sales cycle with new customers

Close more business now without increasing your staff (or your hours)

…then please take a look at the resources on this site!

"David Garfinkel has a knack for translating the mysteries of direct mail into simple, effective money-making strategies that any sales professional, business executive or entrepreneur can use. I've personally used David's services and I recommend him highly!"

-Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., author, "The Platinum Rule"

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